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One of the world’s healthiest oil and majorly used oil is Olive oil. In fact, people who use olive oil as part of their daily diet tends to live longer and healthier.

The highest quality olive oil available is Extra Virgin Olive Oil which is extracted from the olive fruit without the use of any heat or chemicals.


**   Antioxidants and Healthy Fats

Olive Oil rich in antioxidants and healthy fats is Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It is refined and consists of essential nutrients and antioxidants. It comprises over 30 various types of phenolic compounds, which are powerful antioxidants that help protect the body against molecules that cause cell damage and contribute to disease and the aging process. The fats component also is a main contributor to health and also as protective cardiovascular health.

**  Reduces Heart Disease Risk

Heart disease is primary cause of premature death across the globe. Fascinatingly, populations residing who consume Extra Virgin Olive Oil often has low chance of cardiovascular disease. The energetic mixtures in Extra Virgin Olive Oil have influential cardio-protective properties, such as helping to lessen blood pressure and preventing atherosclerosis

**  Prevent Stroke

Stroke is the second largest deadly disease after heart disease. It’s very close to heart disease and have almost the same risk factors, such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure. It has been confirmed those who use/take the highest amounts of olive oil had a 41% lower risk of stroke because people who use olive oil will likely be replacing other fewer heart healthy fats in their diet.

**  Reduce the risk of Type II Diabetes

Type II diabetes is characterized by the reduced efficiency of insulin, which is the hormone that transport glucose out of the blood and into cells to get energy. It has been believed that the phenolic compounds present in Extra Virgin Olive Oil aid in glucose metabolism and improve the sensitivity and effectiveness of insulin. Therefore, putting olive oil in everyday diet could decrease the risk of type II diabetes.

** As Cooking Oil

Due to its oxidative stability, superior antioxidant contents and ratio of monounsaturated fat, including its flavor, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is easily the best excellent oil for food. Making meals with extra virgin olive oil could make your food more nutritious and healthier.

Due to the fact that antioxidants present in Extra Virgin Olive Oil are so unaffected by high heat that they don’t break down and instead they end up being absorbed by the cooked food.  A diet rich in Olive Oil is also good for brain health.

** Protection Against cancer

It has been observed that there is lower incidence of some cancers. For examples; breast cancer, cancer of digestive system, in places where Olive oil consumption is high. Therefore, taking Olive oil regularly could serves as protection against some cancers.


Olive oil can contribute to health and life longevity. In regions where there is high intake of Olive oil or is a vital part of their diet, people have tendency of living longer.


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