Onion Juice and Wonderful Benefits

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Onion Juice and Wonderful Benefits

Onion is one of the natural spices that also has antioxidants, anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory characteristics. It is also rich in vitamin B1, vitamin C, folic acid and vitamin B6, magnesium, phosphorus and well as dietary fibers.

*  Usage of Onion Juice *

Onion juice has a great number of benefits which includes;

* Allergens protection

Onions have a powerful antioxidant that is called quercetin which is very useful to treat allergic reactions and chronic inflammatory ailments like asthma. This anti-oxidant (Quercetin) also assists to erase free radicals that cause cell damage and also strengthens the cell that discharges histamine in the body. Onions reduce the growth of plaque in blood vessel which is the cause of heart diseases.

* Cures Earing problem

The usage of onion juice to the affected ear helps to relieve earache. Onion ha anti-bacterial properties which also prevents infection. It relieves the tinnitus. The onion would be mist or boil till the skin is soft and extract the juice from it by crushing. It relieves the agony instantly. Raw juice of onion would be used with small olive oil before use.

* For Heat stroke

Onion juice cures the heart stroke. Adding powered rock sugar and extracted onion juice would be taken after the stroke. The juice gotten from onion should be rubbed on the feet’s soles.

* Cure for the common cold and other respiratory ailments

Onion juice has the anti-inflammatory properties which cure bronchitis and respiratory ailments. The flavonoid also helps to eliminate the functions of protein kinase and histamine. It has the expectorant properties which loosens and dislodge persistent mucous and also stops the formation of new mucous. The fresh onions get the common cold.

* For Healthy and Glowing skin and Hair

Onion juice boosts the optimal blood circulation in the skin tissues which removes the pollutants and toxins from the deteriorating and early infections. The fresh onion cures the injuries, boils and other skin inflammations. Onions has vitamin A, E, C and quercetin that help to give the skin nourishing nutrients. This also reduces the UV rays effects and also prevents the premature ageing.

* Osteoporosis

It has high amount of calcium which is important for maintaining bone health and averts osteoporosis.

* Healthy Circulatory system

Putting onions in the meals or in the form of juice which aids to prevent the heart disease and also strengthens the arteries. It removes the cardiac problem by reducing the homocysteine levels.

*  Diabetes

The existence of chromium in the onion lessens the insulin levels of the diabetic patients. It also advances glucose tolerance.

*  How to Prepare Onion Juice *

  • Using Juicer – firstly peeled the onion and cut in halves and then put it each in the juicer to extract the juice from it.
  • Using Blender/ Food processor– cut onion into four parts after peeling it and then it should be placed inside the blender or food processor. After blending, the mixture should be strained to get the juice only.
  • Using Grater– cut onion into half after peeling it. Each of the halves of the onion should be grated over a dish and the mixture should be strained to only the juice.

* Side Effects of Onion juice *

Too much consumption of onion juice leads to the gastric irritation. Therefore, it should be consumed in tolerable amount. Some may be vomiting and also have nausea. Some can  have skin irritation with the application of raw onion juice so before applying onion juice, it should be tested on small area first to check the reaction.


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